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This Exclusive Sales and Marketing Agreement (hereinafter called “Agreement”), to be effective as of this __________________________________ (hereinafter the “Agreement Date”), is by and between :

The first party : LOABAY PASEFIKA PRODUCTIONS & EVENTS PROMOTION LTD (the MARKETER/ PROMOTER), a limited liability company established under the trading laws of New Zealand.

The second party will be : ____________________________________________________________


whose merchandise/products/services/events , will be promoted/marketed//traded/sold/advertised

by the ‘First Party’ on behalf of the ‘Second Party’.

1. Listing Fee : Unless otherwise waived through prior arrangement, the ‘Second Party’ also agrees to pay the Listing fee of $100NZD+GST ($115NZD GST-inclusive) (Listing fee as at the date of this Agreement) to the ‘First Party’ Listing fee will give the ‘second party’ Starter Listing, in ‘Samoa LoaBay GET1 Directory’.

Listing Fee will also enable the First Party to place/promote/sell merchandise/products/events on behalf of the Second Party, on Samoa LoaBay eTunes & eShop (and/or any other of our brands to be mutually arranged/discussed beforehand)

Should they choose to, the Second Party may also purchase additional advertising/promotional space through Samoa Radio Tala’Ave and/or SamoaTV Tala’Lasi and/or our other brands 

2. Proceeds from Sales/Merchandise sold for/on behalf of Second Party : Second Party agrees to pay the First Party a commission fee of 30% for all sales made on their behalf.

Commission/fee will be deducted by the First Party before paying the remaining 70% to a nominated bank account for the second Party. Sales for the previous month will be calculated on the 1st of each month (or the first business day after that). Payments will be credited to the Second Party’s nominated bank account on the 5th of each month ((or the first business day after that). Frequency of sales income /commission payments to a Second Party can be amended to weekly/fortnightly, should their Account’s Sales Income/Commission exceeds a prearranged sales threshold, usually $250NZD (after deductions). 

2(a) For ‘LIVE PPV Events’ Exclusive Production fee (minimum of) $800/in currency of event sales+GST, for the first 1-5hours & then $200+GST thereafter. Also, a Booking fee $200NZD+GST (minimum of $1000+GST) will apply. Booking fee must be prepaid minimum 72hours before event. Cancellation of event is likely to take place if booking fee is not made . Exclusive Production Fee can be deducted from sale-proceeds in the currency of event sales, usually $USD. Booking fee is non-refundable even if the event is cancelled/rescheduled. 

2(b) One-off Live-Event Commission/Fee/Proceeds : will be paid into a nominated bank account in the currency of event sales, within 10 business days after the event has expired/completed.

3. Format for Submission of Merchandise & Possible Admin Fee: Except for ‘live PPV events, Merchandise eg. Newspaper editions, Story/Poem/Video/Song clips/tracks submitted to for sale on the LGN Online e-VENTSTREAM, Samoa LoaBay eTunes & eShop facilities must be submitted in appropriate MP3 and or MP4 audio/video as well as PDF format for written submissions such as newspaper issues). An Admin fee of $5 per item (inclusive of GST) is likely to be charged for unconverted items.

Listings/Artists/Musicians/Advertisers MUST pay/renew (unless waived by LOABAY GLOBAL NETWORKS Management)  their ‘Starter Listing Pack/Fee’ (currently $100NZD+GST per 12months) to be given access to upload their own music/products etc, for sale on SAMOA LOABAY (SLB) e-TUNES & e-SHOP.

This AGREEMENT can be reviewed every 12months from the Agreement Date or as mutually agreed to by both Parties.

Email :   SALES CONTACT : Mob : 02102661496 or 0210570216 (+64 2102661496 or +64 210570216)

COPYRIGHT © Loabay Pasefika Production & Events Promotions Ltd

COPYRIGHT © Unauthorised duplication strictly prohibited.

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